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There is a guy who has been calling me on Niteflirt the past couple weeks named Carol he’s an in the closet dick sucker. He filled out his blackmail form to show me he was serious and he needed me to force him out of the closet and onto the cocks of well hung studs.
I gave him my word that if he did not suck a cock with proof by a specific date that I was going to take the photo I took of him on web cam with a HUGE big black dildo in his mouth holding up a sign that says “I called a phone sex line and begged to be outed” to his wife.
I figured the email address for her was bullshit but I figured out where she worked when I found her on his Facebook. She’s the kinda of idiot who doesn’t have her Facebook page private so I saw everything plus a few photos from their Honeymoon.
He never followed through in fact he closed his Niteflirt account thinking that would save him but it’s too late. I called her last night with my girlfriend listening on speaker. She said this isn’t the first time a call like this has happened. I told her I had actual photos of him doing some disgusting things to a dildo and sent them too her. She started to laugh and ended up thanking me for finally giving her what she needed to go ahead and divorce him and take his money. She said she was going to send me $1000 as a reward.
See what happens when you don’t obey Me.

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You have a big secret, Your wife has no idea that you own a huge thick black dildo does she? It’s your dirty little secret only I know now sissy boy.
Now that it’s out in the open I think we should give it a name unless you’ve already given him one. Your mouth is watering just looking at him right now calling his name. Looking right at that big fat black prick knowing its going to make a bitch out of a sissy white boy like you.
I will direct you on how to fuck your big black dildo while you have your sissy pink panties pulled over to the side. If you dare go on web cam I may take incriminating photos of you to share with your wife. I’ve been know to wreck a home to gain more access to your finances. I think she should know what a fag she married who’s obsessed with black cock. Let her know she married a big black cock obsessed cum craving whore.
Dirty little homewrecker at your service fag.

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I just got home and my Niteflirt line has been really busy today. One guy as calling from my local city and happens to be a married cuckold who’s wife has an office a block away from me. They are both members at my local gym and now the pussy is afraid to go and see me. I don’t even know what the loser looks like but he thinks he will connect with me from the fear in his eye. I asked him to send me a photo and he sent me a picture of his small little prick. I can’t imagine why his wife was with him with that little cock.
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