Sissy Blackmail Homewrecker

I was about to start off April fools with a gallery of all the losers who are in my blackmail stable. I sent out an email that I was going to do it and got so many scared little sissy responses I almost peed my panties. My April fool prank sent in a flurry of cash tributes from my scared blackmailed bitch boys. Don’t worry boys who’s private information I hold, its still all safe and sound and I won’t publish it. I won’t even put it up for 10 seconds, or will I? Ha Ha Ha.
New blackmail fetish caller Nick started off sending me photos of himself jerking off to male porn. He sent photos with himself holding his wedding photo next to his face and the porn on the screen and then himself orgasming on the photos. That was really a risky move, I was impressed with his going right for it! How much do you want to see these photos? I want to expose him so bad but right now I’ll leave you just like I left him. With a hard stiff cock.

Blackmail Phone Sex

Blackmail Phone sex those 3 words dripping off my dominant lips controlling you from the first impact and restraining you from your whole world. Obedient sissy David called me but I quickly changed his name to Dallas, a nice choice for a sissy sluts name dont you agree?
He got on cam for me and tried stuffing his sissy slender body into his wives glitzy evening gowns. He was showing me around their bedroom and kept calling his wife a fat cow. He was begging me to take record him on the camera and call his wife because he didn’t have the balls to tell her. His sissy cock was so hard I knew he didn’t mean what he said and as soon as he came in his wifes dress it would be all over. He begged me not to let him get away without her knowing there was a huge cum stain on the inside of her dress. You should see the mess all over that red silk gown. I needed to call her to tell her it needed dry cleaning.
As I was all ready to call her he said he didn’t want to go through with it. But it was too late, the blackmail game had begun! The only ending here is ME taking him to the cleaners.

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