Sissy Blackmail Homewrecker

I was about to start off April fools with a gallery of all the losers who are in my blackmail stable. I sent out an email that I was going to do it and got so many scared little sissy responses I almost peed my panties. My April fool prank sent in a flurry of cash tributes from my scared blackmailed bitch boys. Don’t worry boys who’s private information I hold, its still all safe and sound and I won’t publish it. I won’t even put it up for 10 seconds, or will I? Ha Ha Ha.
New blackmail fetish caller Nick started off sending me photos of himself jerking off to male porn. He sent photos with himself holding his wedding photo next to his face and the porn on the screen and then himself orgasming on the photos. That was really a risky move, I was impressed with his going right for it! How much do you want to see these photos? I want to expose him so bad but right now I’ll leave you just like I left him. With a hard stiff cock.

Home Wrecker Phone Sex

You’ve thought about being blackmailed by a phone Domme. You’ve looked for it online and read stories about other Men who’ve done it and read about whats happened to them. You masturbated to what you read online and now you want to give it a try. You call me and then you sound like a scared pussy with a home wrecking fantasy who’s afraid to really get deep. Isn’t it a turn on when you hear me say her name over and over again and what im going to say to her when I reveal your phone sex addiction. Or are you going to lay it all out there for me and just get to the money and let me rape you clean to keep me happy for the moment. Where do you fit in to this world?

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Dick Sucking Home Wrecking Revenge

There is a guy who has been calling me on Niteflirt the past couple weeks named Carol he’s an in the closet dick sucker. He filled out his blackmail form to show me he was serious and he needed me to force him out of the closet and onto the cocks of well hung studs.
I gave him my word that if he did not suck a cock with proof by a specific date that I was going to take the photo I took of him on web cam with a HUGE big black dildo in his mouth holding up a sign that says “I called a phone sex line and begged to be outed” to his wife.
I figured the email address for her was bullshit but I figured out where she worked when I found her on his Facebook. She’s the kinda of idiot who doesn’t have her Facebook page private so I saw everything plus a few photos from their Honeymoon.
He never followed through in fact he closed his Niteflirt account thinking that would save him but it’s too late. I called her last night with my girlfriend listening on speaker. She said this isn’t the first time a call like this has happened. I told her I had actual photos of him doing some disgusting things to a dildo and sent them too her. She started to laugh and ended up thanking me for finally giving her what she needed to go ahead and divorce him and take his money. She said she was going to send me $1000 as a reward.
See what happens when you don’t obey Me.

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Femdom Homewrecker Phone Sex

When I say obey you do as I say or you pay the price for being a stupid bitch. I received an email on Niteflirt looking for forced intoxication. It’s not exactly forced when you’re setting it up to do it now is it? I was ready to take this loser on and let him get totally fucked up for me while he spilled his personal details and told me what sick fetish’s he’s into.
He called up and he went on webcam and starting doing shots for me. I made him get a unopened bottle so I could verify the seal on it before he started. Pop went the first bottle of champagne and smoking weed and maybe a little something else. After an hour I had him dressed up in lingerie spanking himself with his wifes hair dryer. I had him giving his bottle of champagne a nice deep blow job and by the end of our session I was considering making him fuck it.
He was so wasted he took his webcam into his bedroom and showed me his wife’s closet and she had a ton of designer purses. I saw a really nice Gucci bag that I thought would look really sexy on me so I told him to take it and jerk off inside of it. He committed the disgusting act of jerking off into his wife’s purse like a total piece of loser shit! I guess I did tell him to do it and when I say obey, all you losers do it.

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