Obedient Slave Foot Worship

I love how tanned and sexy my bare feet get in the Summer. I think the tan mark where I wear my flip flops leave the mark between my toes is exceptionally sexy. I got together with a foot slave Justin that I had met at a bar with some friends. I had seen him staring at my toes while I was dangling my flip flop from my big toe as I sat at the barstool. He came over to talk to me and I knew from that moment I was going to have him paying me and obeying me.
He started off the conversation offering me a drink and I said “you mean all of us” there were 2 other girls with me. All of our toes exposed sitting up high looking really sexy in our tank tops with bikini tops under them from a long day of pool playtime. He bought us drinks and talked to me for a while and finally asked for my number. I laughed and asked him why, he said he wanted to take me to dinner and rub my feet for an hour. I told him that it sounded nice but, my feet need to get paid to be massaged and if he wanted to have a full hour after dinner with my dominant feet he was going to have to give me $200 for the hour. Each soft sole looking at him in the face saying pay me now.
We had a great dinner, I was sliding my bare foot all over his cock under the table to really get deep into his head and take his foot fetish to a more obedient place. The more hard I got that cock the more cash my feet were going to take from him. We went back to my place and I made him a good foot slave for a couple hours and after his wallet was totally drained I made him leave.

You will always pay me and obey me.

Slave Ben’s First Humiliation Assignment

Phone sex is so awesome, I’ve never been more turned on and having the best sex since I started doing Niteflirt and this whole phone sex thing. The more men I turn out and make obedient the more powerful I become inside and it makes my pussy so fucking wet!
Slave Ben in Baltimore was seeking out a young powerful online phone sex domme. He came across me on Niteflirt and was hooked the instant I said hello in my seductive voice. He instantly got down on his knees and said he’s been waiting his whole life to serve a bratty young bitch like me.
He confessed he was married and had a family but that he was ready to try something new. I could tell loser Ben was no stranger to the world of phone sex. He was just another loser looking for some deep humiliation. I gave him his first assignment, While we were on the phone together I had him go to the closest sex shop to where he was located. When he got there he had to go to the desk and say “My bratty boss Molly would like me to get the largest black dildo you have and the slickest lube on the market”. He was so nervous you could hear him quivering like a little bitch it was hysterical. He did it and completed his humiliation assignment like a good obedient bitch. For completing his task like a good bitch I charged him $200 on top of the call. I might just become a home wrecker and destroy everything if he doesn’t keep up with his tasks.