Blackmailed To Suck Cock

You want to suck cock so bad but there is only one way to get it to happen. Be forced by a powerful dominant Woman. Forced to get down on your hands and knees and initiate yourself to fagdom and becoming a cum swallowing fag.
You’re a bitch, a pussy you don’t have the actual balls to do it do you. Slave Drew has been calling me since I started on Niteflirt. Every phone sex call is the same call from him “blah blah blah I want a cock in my ass pussy and my mouth and I want cum all over my face”. It got really boring because the bitch never does a fucking thing about it.
So…. after 6 months of these same calls I had been gathering private information on him and finally I had the golden nugget I was looking for! I found his place of employment and called to confirm everything and my facts were correct. It was time to make a fag out of Drew, it was time to tell him that he was going to suck that dick or I was going to have a nice conversation with his partner of 15 years at his firm. He was sweating and shaking I thought he was going to have a convulsion but I just kept pressing the issue and picked up the phone to call. He stopped me and said he would prepare an ad to run online. Will he or wont he complete this? Will I destroy his life?

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