Blackmail Phone Sex Femdom

Phone sex Friday is always an adventure. A new blackmail phone sex victim made the bold attempt to let me extract information from his mind. All my callers who want to play blackmail games know I love to play real and don’t like fake phone numbers. What fun is the fantasy if we can’t really play on the tight wire and see how close to the edge we get or until I push you over. You’ll feel safer calling me on Niteflirt for blackmail phone sex. You’ll at least have the illusion of feeling safer. Will you feel safe when I ask you questions about your life that you usually would never tell a total stranger?
Paul called me and after a week and 1/2 he was calling me every other day on Niteflirt. He gave me all false blackmail information as I knew he was. I could tell by the stupid names he was making up and the way he hesitated when I got him number. By day 11 of calling me on Niteflirt he knew I was going to block him unless he game me some real information. No one wants to be blocked by me so of course he gave me his home number and I called it a few times to make sure and it was 100% real. You should have heard his breath go to a manic rhythm when I said to listen for the phone to ring as his wife was making dinner. Where will this blackmail fantasy go? How far will I take this bitch who wants to be blackmailed just to get his dick off to his blackmail fetish.

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Home Wrecker Phone Sex

You’ve thought about being blackmailed by a phone Domme. You’ve looked for it online and read stories about other Men who’ve done it and read about whats happened to them. You masturbated to what you read online and now you want to give it a try. You call me and then you sound like a scared pussy with a home wrecking fantasy who’s afraid to really get deep. Isn’t it a turn on when you hear me say her name over and over again and what im going to say to her when I reveal your phone sex addiction. Or are you going to lay it all out there for me and just get to the money and let me rape you clean to keep me happy for the moment. Where do you fit in to this world?

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Homewrecking Femdom Phone Sex

Guess what ass lickers Niteflirt is accepting international callers again directly from the site. Now you can get homewrecked and obey me from just about any country on the planet.
Obedient Tim and I did a little web cam this week. I generally don’t get on cam but he wanted to pay me $1,000 to lick my ass on the screen and well if you’ve seen my ass you know that it is worth $1,000 to be able worship. He came through and sent over the payment and I put my cam on and my thong was deep up my ass. I had him on Skype so I could see him first. I started by just showing off my ass in jeans and it took less then 6 minutes for my asshole to be so close to the camera that the loser wasn’t able to hold his load and he made a cummy mess. Lucky for me he wasn’t interested in any chit chat so I made some really good fast cash all thanks to my beautiful ass. My skin tastes so good when i’ve been fucked hours before and its hot outside and then did some running. The taste will destroy your relationship and wreck your world.

Dick Sucking Home Wrecking Revenge

There is a guy who has been calling me on Niteflirt the past couple weeks named Carol he’s an in the closet dick sucker. He filled out his blackmail form to show me he was serious and he needed me to force him out of the closet and onto the cocks of well hung studs.
I gave him my word that if he did not suck a cock with proof by a specific date that I was going to take the photo I took of him on web cam with a HUGE big black dildo in his mouth holding up a sign that says “I called a phone sex line and begged to be outed” to his wife.
I figured the email address for her was bullshit but I figured out where she worked when I found her on his Facebook. She’s the kinda of idiot who doesn’t have her Facebook page private so I saw everything plus a few photos from their Honeymoon.
He never followed through in fact he closed his Niteflirt account thinking that would save him but it’s too late. I called her last night with my girlfriend listening on speaker. She said this isn’t the first time a call like this has happened. I told her I had actual photos of him doing some disgusting things to a dildo and sent them too her. She started to laugh and ended up thanking me for finally giving her what she needed to go ahead and divorce him and take his money. She said she was going to send me $1000 as a reward.
See what happens when you don’t obey Me.

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Blackmailed To Suck Cock

You want to suck cock so bad but there is only one way to get it to happen. Be forced by a powerful dominant Woman. Forced to get down on your hands and knees and initiate yourself to fagdom and becoming a cum swallowing fag.
You’re a bitch, a pussy you don’t have the actual balls to do it do you. Slave Drew has been calling me since I started on Niteflirt. Every phone sex call is the same call from him “blah blah blah I want a cock in my ass pussy and my mouth and I want cum all over my face”. It got really boring because the bitch never does a fucking thing about it.
So…. after 6 months of these same calls I had been gathering private information on him and finally I had the golden nugget I was looking for! I found his place of employment and called to confirm everything and my facts were correct. It was time to make a fag out of Drew, it was time to tell him that he was going to suck that dick or I was going to have a nice conversation with his partner of 15 years at his firm. He was sweating and shaking I thought he was going to have a convulsion but I just kept pressing the issue and picked up the phone to call. He stopped me and said he would prepare an ad to run online. Will he or wont he complete this? Will I destroy his life?

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Homewrecker Femdom

My usual Homewrecker self took a little turn. A new slave has been coming around the past couple weeks. His name is Sam and his girlfriend is Karlie they are newly dating. It’s actually really cute they are super into each other. He really doesn’t want me to fuck it up so I made a deal with him. I was going to allow his relationship to grow and I was going to make Karlie my slave bitch too!
The new homewrecking keeping the couple together and making the both of them get in collars and lead around like my bitches. They will both pay me daily and do whatever I tell them to do no matter how humiliating the task is.
Sam hasn’t introduced Me to Karlie yet, he’s easing me in and showing her My pictures getting a little reaction and of course she thinks I’m super hot and is really excited to talk to Me. She has no idea Sam is a daily pay pig who’s in love with Me. Every hour on the hour I had him jerk off at work in his office in the bathroom. I had him cum on the lid of the toilet just to be extra humiliating.
The seeds have been sowed and karlie has no idea that most of her income is about to go to Me as I take total control of their lives.

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