Surrender To Your Homewrecking Dream

All my obedient little pets are getting ready to gather around the fire and obey my orders for Christmas and all other observed festive holidays. Line up losers and pull out your penis and get to feeling me jerk all the money from your families funds for MINE!
Examples of some good obedient shit heads.

Kenneth Hamilton for the $200 gift card to Victoria Secret thanks, that was a VERY obedient way to say “here is a little something” Let’s keep those coming so your wife gets NOTHING! You crave my home wrecking so bad. Should I let my readers know how I called your house during dinner and asked for “vickie” and heard you in the background say “Honey who is it?”
While $200 is nice, I need at least $500 more because I have a lot of slutty outfits to give to my girlfriends this year. Your fat wife will have no sexy lingerie because my friends and I will all be wearing it!
I’ll be getting my pussy licked all night long in my pretty outfits that you paid for while you’re sitting there jerking off to my pictures and sending me your families money! Surrender your cash to your pretty home wrecker you stupid fool of a cuckold pig.

ext: 9653593
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