Stand And Obey Obedience In 2013

Welcome to 2013 obedient ones, I hope your New Years was as fun and full of good people and champagne as mine was. This was my first New Years Eve on Niteflirt and I thought I would keep making money and leave my phone lines on while I partied. The biggest loser and obedient of the night on my Niteflirt New Years rockin eve party line was Matty K from New York. I was pretty drunk and had him spend his New Years on yahoo cam on my iPhone standing in a corner with his dick in a bowl packed with snow while he was allowed to drink Vodka and every hour go outside naked onto his patio and yell HAPPY NEW YEARS IM A SNOW FUCKER! In between showing people this moron that was paying me by the minute on a phone sex line and dancing my ass off I was getting down with yes, both girls and guys.
I made close to $500 for leaving my Niteflirt line on and inviting whomever wanted to party with me to party but they had to obey. By obey I mean pay, obey and be ignored while I have a good time.

ext: 9653593
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