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I was with a few of my beautiful girlfriends last night and we ended up having a drunken jacuzzi party at my place last night. We drank way too many fresh fruit margaritas and smoked so much pot we got wasted. It was like phone sex off the hook night of course while I’m partying. I kept getting you nerds calling me on Niteflirt desperate for phone sex crying for me to talk to you. When you call and I have 3 hot girls over you’re going to have to get ignored.
We were teasing some guys and it just got really hot to the point where Laura and Katie started to make out and then finger each other while some scrotum named Darren listened to us at $5.00 a minute. All the sudden we all started to get it on and it turned into a total hot girl pussy eating party. All wet and naked from the jacuzzi with our pussies all freshly waxed and tight. Eat your heart out fags you’ll never be licking this pussy or even partying with me in a jacuzzi. Get on your fucking knees and start masturbating you pig!

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