Online Mistress Homewrecks You

And another and another you just can’t stop pulling out your cocks and giving me too much information. You just can’t stop calling phone sex lines playing a light game of “will she expose me” wondering when this is going to be the big one isn’t it. Will Mistress take it to a higher level or is she going to be afraid to pull the trigger.
Another idiot found out the hard way playing with me. He told me he was engaged to be married and the wedding was next month on of all cliche days Valentines day. I needed to work fast if I was going to show this cuckold pig who was now in charge of his relationship and that I was going to be the decision maker if he was going to get married or not. You probably wonder what I was going to do don’t you. I got him nice and loose with a few pictures of my ass that will make any of you slaves obey with quickness. After that it was over, his phone sex call became all about my demands.

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