Obey Mistress Or Get Home Wrecked

Quickie blackmail of the week on Niteflirt with a new slave pig with a fetish for wanting to get home wrecked by a hot young slutty Mistress. He told me after called a few dozen girls on Niteflirt he was about to give up because he claimed no one would really call his wife. I laughed and said I don’t believe it for a second. Give me the number and let me call, with hesitation I could hear him start to jerk his cock off as he slowly rattled off the numbers to me. I mocked him as I firmly said “I never said you could jerk off pig did I?” I knew this loser fetish slave was going to cum the second I called and he heard the phone ring. So, I tormented him for a while before I toyed with the notion of exposing him with one swift and easy phone call. He knew an hour in on Niteflirt that I was going to do it. I knew he was ready and real so I grabbed my other line and called him, just as it started to ring and I could hear his wife in the back of our call saying “Can you grab the phone I’m in the middle of making dinner” he was shaking so hard and thats when I dropped it on him. I told him if he didn’t send me $400 in the next 5 minutes I was going to call his house all night and he would have to get his number changed and that would take a fuck of a lot longer then just doing as I said.
Obey your Mistress or get home wrecked! He paid and came so hard as he pushed the payment send button on Niteflirt. I own your cum you bitches!

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One thought on “Obey Mistress Or Get Home Wrecked

  1. Nice story. Quite a turn on really. I love this homewrecking fiction.I’ve tried a few of the girls on NF but unfortunately they are all talk.

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