Hot Guy Small Penis

There’s not a lot worse things then taking a guy home and finding out he has a super small penis. I met an incredibly hot actor looking guy over the weekend. I was at a party over the weekend and this guy and I were flirting all day at a bbq. I knew I was going to take him home and fuck him by the end of the night. He listened to me take some humiliating phone sex calls and I noticed he was twitching in his jeans but, I didn’t see a hard cock. I he was squirming as I was telling the guy on the Niteflirt phone sex call what a little dick loser he was. I was laughing so hard at the little needle dick loser and showing off to my date for the night how much of a bitch I can be.
I got off the call and I told my toy to take his pants down. He responded with “Please be nice Maam” and I knew something wasn’t right. I thought he was just mocking my phone sex caller but NO! Sure enough he pulls down his pants to reveal what looked like 4 inches of hard baby dick. I pointed at it and said “ARE YOU SERIOUS, I wasted my entire day flirting with you only to get this at the end?” He thought I was just a “regular” girl and it wouldn’t matter. Size matters loser! Did you just get clued in to that. I told him to zip and and get the fuck out before I blast him all over Facebook to let every girl out there know that he’s just packing a micro dick. He left me $100 to keep it to myself and I laughed and locked the door behind him.

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