Homewrecking Into The Holidays

Monday masturbation pay to view mail has been sent out on Niteflirt. If you havent already done so I’m giving you instruction to head over to your Niteflirt mail and if you are on My mailing list you will have received an email. This email will instruct you that it is time for you to obey My tits. Once you have paid and opened the mail the rest of your humiliating worship task are inside. I know you want to get that cock off and cum don’t you? Then you better fucking obey Me now.
Was your weekend better then Cuckold Steven from Miami who’s wife got an email from me after he didn’t send me the $300 Victoria Secret card I wanted. Without missing a beat the homewrecker inside of me came shining through as I sent her an email detailing our conversation and telling her all sorts of things she would find a bit to personal to know. She emailed me back calling me a home wrecking slut and that I could have her small dicked husband.
Looks like Steven is gonna have a really shitty holiday this week, thats one family dinner I’m glad I won’t be at. Looks like you’ll be calling Niteflirt phone sex lines all holiday long loser! Happy Homewrecking holidays to you Steven!

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