Homewrecking Cuckold Slave Andy

It’s much too often that I hear “Molly, Molly Mistress Molly please, please please, no please, no, please don’t email my wife on Facebook. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I didn’t tribute you or send you the gift cards you wanted. I just beg you PLEASE don’t contact her!
The first step in the demise of cuckold loser Andy is placing this photo of him being all pig like in his office getting ready to shove his nasty cock ring on. He’s such a loser his wife is out fucking real men while he’s at home calling phone sex lines all day. His wife doesn’t have her Facebook profile private so I can see all their happy family photos. You can tell she’s getting fucked by her co-worker and it’s so obvious from her Facebook pictures from her office who the lucky guy is. Slave Andy know’s it too, there’s even one photo his wife has her hand on the inner thigh of the man she works with in a dinner party photo.
She’s would be so pissed off if she knew she wasn’t the only one fucking her loser of a husband over. How much further will I go with this loser, If he doesn’t pay me I’m going for a home wrecking home run!

ext: 9653593
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