Homewrecking Cuckold Molly

I’ve been on extended vacation due to the massive amount of homewrecking I’ve been doing this past year. I’ve gained a legion of losers who want and crave for me to destroy their relationships or take them close to the brink of relationship ruin.
Financial domination slave Jason is a really wealthy tech guy and he can’t stand his wife. He’s in a really important position at work and can’t really tarnish his relationship. It’s been a few months to get to this point of knowing all this, he was a very hard slave to crack. I’ve got him by the balls now and we have a deep connection and contract. He takes care of me really well as long as I don’t expose him. Sometimes I call his house and hang up when she answers just to keep his cock hard and obedient for me.
cuckold homewreck

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