Homewrecker Humiliation

Fools with no love all February. I’ve made so much money this month I’ve been far to busy to entertain you twats with my posts. I recived 11 dozens of roses, 6 boxes of chocolates and 4 teddy bears came with some of the flowers. I gave those away to my friends with kids and thats way too much chocolate for a hard body bitch like me so I gave that away too. A few of the Men I’m fucking will enjoy the gifts that I’ll give them. I also got 2 bottles of wine from I’m not really sure which caller sent them but thank you. I ended up drinking them on Valentines day with Daniel the guy I’ve been seeing with the huge cock. We got so drunk I let him have his way with me and I even took his load down my throat just for Valentines day.
Put your cock back in your pants bitch, I didn’t tell you it was ok to start jerking off did I? Valentines week was full of homewrecker desires from my lonely married callers. I sold so many blackmail applications it was like they were flying off the wall by the second with the desperate aching for me to say “He doesn’t love you, he loves girls on the internet!”
Half of you losers are such pussy boys making up stupid email addresses pretending you’re your wifes/girlfriends and then begging to get that reject homewrecker email from me. Losers, grow some fucking balls.

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