Home Wrecking Kevin Making Him A Cum Dumpster

It’s been a really awesome week with slave Kevin. We started talking on Niteflirt for a while and right away I knew he was just another faggot who wanted to get pimped out and be a good boy and earn money for me. He had that weak crackle in his voice, that sound of a man who’s in a really weak and vulnerable state of mind. He was begging me to help him turn into a slutty cum dumpster skank. I was excited to learn he lived in New York City so of course Craigslist was the perfect place to begin turning out this loser slave.
Slave Kevin’s loser wife was out of town for 4 days on business and we thought hosting at his place would be super daring and nasty so we did it. We got him an ad posted inviting guys over to PnP thats party and play for you dick bags who don’t know the term. I was checking the email responses and they were coming in by the dozens. He had guys coming over pretty much every hour for 7 hours straight and he took every single load plus the few that came in 30 min increments. He left his skype on for me to verify he was being the cum dump that I commanded him to become. I taped it just incase he isn’t obedient and I need to let his wife know what he’s up too when she’s on business. Truth is I think she’s really fucking her hot boss and loser Kevin is just a used cuckolded cum dump. Do you want to be made into a cum slut for me? Will you be obedient and do as I tell you.

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