High Priced Whoring In His Own Mouth

This little wimp took home wrecking to a whole new level by doing it to himself! Yes this little submissive wimpy weenie was forced to prostitute his cum and jerk it into his own face. Like a typical whore we reversed it where he had to pay a large sum of cash to eat his slutty orgasm. How incredibly disgusting watching this sub human fag eat his own cum. He wanted to know what it was like to be with a high priced call girl so I had him pay me $2000 to taste the price of whoring humiliation. The first thousand came with a snap of my fingers, the second thousand he thought I was a cruel bitch and didn’t think I was going to be that harsh of a cash rape session. Cum eating and financial domination make a lethal combo when your fucking with a dominant bitch like me. Happy Holidays cum eaters and all you other masturbators. I can’t wait to make you pay me and obey me in the coming new year.

Jerking In His Own Face

Jerking Off In Your Face

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