Homewrecking Cuckold Molly

I’ve been on extended vacation due to the massive amount of homewrecking I’ve been doing this past year. I’ve gained a legion of losers who want and crave for me to destroy their relationships or take them close to the brink of relationship ruin.
Financial domination slave Jason is a really wealthy tech guy and he can’t stand his wife. He’s in a really important position at work and can’t really tarnish his relationship. It’s been a few months to get to this point of knowing all this, he was a very hard slave to crack. I’ve got him by the balls now and we have a deep connection and contract. He takes care of me really well as long as I don’t expose him. Sometimes I call his house and hang up when she answers just to keep his cock hard and obedient for me.
cuckold homewreck

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Homewrecker Blackmail

Slave Aarons wife stopped having sex with him 6 months after their wedding. I told him before he got married that was going to happen. I knew she just wanted the ring and to get knocked up. So he only got laid when she thought there was the chance she was ovulating. He’s been calling over and over and I’ve got him in chastity now, he was a chronic masturbator. His masturbating needed to be put under control. Since his wife never even looks at his naked body I had him in a chastity belt at night when he was prone to masturbating. I gave him a few humiliation assignments and he wasn’t able to follow through. That lead to not being able to have his orgasm that he was scheduled to have. When you don’t do as Goddess Molly says then you learn that there will be no orgasm. I don’t give a fuck about your wife not fucking you anymore. I also don’t care that you have to masturbate 10 times a day. The only important thing is doing what I say before I fuck you over.

Cuckold In Chastity

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Sissy Blackmail Homewrecker

I was about to start off April fools with a gallery of all the losers who are in my blackmail stable. I sent out an email that I was going to do it and got so many scared little sissy responses I almost peed my panties. My April fool prank sent in a flurry of cash tributes from my scared blackmailed bitch boys. Don’t worry boys who’s private information I hold, its still all safe and sound and I won’t publish it. I won’t even put it up for 10 seconds, or will I? Ha Ha Ha.
New blackmail fetish caller Nick started off sending me photos of himself jerking off to male porn. He sent photos with himself holding his wedding photo next to his face and the porn on the screen and then himself orgasming on the photos. That was really a risky move, I was impressed with his going right for it! How much do you want to see these photos? I want to expose him so bad but right now I’ll leave you just like I left him. With a hard stiff cock.

Homewrecker Femdom

Your favorite homewrecker femdom is at it again on Niteflirt. I’ve been working hard on in the closet Joseph. Joseph has been married for 3 months and they were together for 2 years before that. Joesph it turns out has a serious penchant for panties. In fact he said he masturbated like crazy the day of his wedding. The thought of being able to wear blue panties and a garter belt under his suit and letting her discover he was a sissy was almost unbearable. He said he must have orgasmed 5 times that day wanting to do that and get caught. He didn’t even care if everyone knew, he just knew he never wanted to look at a Womans vagina again. He needed my help but he was a scared sissy, afraid that I would indeed wreck his marriage just like that.
His sissy masturbation addiction was growing and so was our relationship, I had so much information on him, I knew I was getting close to my home wrecking plan to fall into place.
I’m still not ready to give him the orgasm of his life and make the call or send the email. I’m still too busy driving him deeper into the world of sissy.

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Obey Mistress Or Get Home Wrecked

Quickie blackmail of the week on Niteflirt with a new slave pig with a fetish for wanting to get home wrecked by a hot young slutty Mistress. He told me after called a few dozen girls on Niteflirt he was about to give up because he claimed no one would really call his wife. I laughed and said I don’t believe it for a second. Give me the number and let me call, with hesitation I could hear him start to jerk his cock off as he slowly rattled off the numbers to me. I mocked him as I firmly said “I never said you could jerk off pig did I?” I knew this loser fetish slave was going to cum the second I called and he heard the phone ring. So, I tormented him for a while before I toyed with the notion of exposing him with one swift and easy phone call. He knew an hour in on Niteflirt that I was going to do it. I knew he was ready and real so I grabbed my other line and called him, just as it started to ring and I could hear his wife in the back of our call saying “Can you grab the phone I’m in the middle of making dinner” he was shaking so hard and thats when I dropped it on him. I told him if he didn’t send me $400 in the next 5 minutes I was going to call his house all night and he would have to get his number changed and that would take a fuck of a lot longer then just doing as I said.
Obey your Mistress or get home wrecked! He paid and came so hard as he pushed the payment send button on Niteflirt. I own your cum you bitches!

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Homewrecker Humiliation

Fools with no love all February. I’ve made so much money this month I’ve been far to busy to entertain you twats with my posts. I recived 11 dozens of roses, 6 boxes of chocolates and 4 teddy bears came with some of the flowers. I gave those away to my friends with kids and thats way too much chocolate for a hard body bitch like me so I gave that away too. A few of the Men I’m fucking will enjoy the gifts that I’ll give them. I also got 2 bottles of wine from I’m not really sure which caller sent them but thank you. I ended up drinking them on Valentines day with Daniel the guy I’ve been seeing with the huge cock. We got so drunk I let him have his way with me and I even took his load down my throat just for Valentines day.
Put your cock back in your pants bitch, I didn’t tell you it was ok to start jerking off did I? Valentines week was full of homewrecker desires from my lonely married callers. I sold so many blackmail applications it was like they were flying off the wall by the second with the desperate aching for me to say “He doesn’t love you, he loves girls on the internet!”
Half of you losers are such pussy boys making up stupid email addresses pretending you’re your wifes/girlfriends and then begging to get that reject homewrecker email from me. Losers, grow some fucking balls.

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