Home Wrecking Hottie

Happy Monday was your weekend as cruel and as evil as mine? I doubt it but, I’m sure you were craving this evil Mistress to shake up your world. A new male worm found me on Niteflirt this weekend. He got tempted with the evils of my latest home wrecking game that I had sent out. My slave stable of submissives who know to tread lightly with me or else who knows what I might do. Its so hot the way I can use something as simple as my pretty breasts to make you so weak that you tell me your secrets. This new worm told me he had a fetish for pretty breasts but that tanned pretty feet made his cock hard and his brain get stupid.
He said a cherry red pedicure foot fetish is like a drug to him. What do you think I went and did.
I headed out on our call and got a sexy cherry red pedicure while he was on the phone with me and I sent him photos of the progress the whole way. He was so turned on and so hard he paid for the extra 20 minute foot massage while I sat there on FaceTime with him focused on those toes. It took 60 minutes to extract the main information that I was looking to hold over his head. My pussy was getting so wet sitting in that chair knowing I had what I needed to let the home wrecking blackmail games really begin. My little red toes shined like a brand new hot rod with sexy gold pin stripes were ready to drive all over him.

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Homewrecking Femdom Phone Sex

Guess what ass lickers Niteflirt is accepting international callers again directly from the site. Now you can get homewrecked and obey me from just about any country on the planet.
Obedient Tim and I did a little web cam this week. I generally don’t get on cam but he wanted to pay me $1,000 to lick my ass on the screen and well if you’ve seen my ass you know that it is worth $1,000 to be able worship. He came through and sent over the payment and I put my cam on and my thong was deep up my ass. I had him on Skype so I could see him first. I started by just showing off my ass in jeans and it took less then 6 minutes for my asshole to be so close to the camera that the loser wasn’t able to hold his load and he made a cummy mess. Lucky for me he wasn’t interested in any chit chat so I made some really good fast cash all thanks to my beautiful ass. My skin tastes so good when i’ve been fucked hours before and its hot outside and then did some running. The taste will destroy your relationship and wreck your world.

Femdom Obey Line

How can such a pretty petite girl like Me be such a little heartless bitch? its really easy, it gets me wet when I pick up the phone and get paid to have a Man do exactly as I say while I sit back and relax and run you around like my little slave puppet.
I was feeling really heartless last night when a cuckold names Richard called me up on Niteflirt to tell me he just saw his wife’s email and he read an email to her best friend talking about how she sucks her boss’s cock every day during lunch and gets a special bonus.
Looks like his wife is a total slut while he’s at home beating off with a fucking dirty sock on his dick. They go running together in the morning for an hour and he gets excited to smell her shoes and jerk off with her nasty sweaty sock. Now we both know why some days it tastes extra salty with all the cum seeping from her pores into her sweat.
The foot fetish pig sat with me and cried as I verbally abused him, ripping him into the cuckold loser that he is. He beat his dick off with the sweaty sock for an hour and said it hurt. He deserved it for being so stupid and not being able to satisfy his wife. Learn to fucking obey your Woman and if you can’t then call me and I’ll put your ass in place while your wife is out fucking her boss.

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Obedient Slave Foot Worship

I love how tanned and sexy my bare feet get in the Summer. I think the tan mark where I wear my flip flops leave the mark between my toes is exceptionally sexy. I got together with a foot slave Justin that I had met at a bar with some friends. I had seen him staring at my toes while I was dangling my flip flop from my big toe as I sat at the barstool. He came over to talk to me and I knew from that moment I was going to have him paying me and obeying me.
He started off the conversation offering me a drink and I said “you mean all of us” there were 2 other girls with me. All of our toes exposed sitting up high looking really sexy in our tank tops with bikini tops under them from a long day of pool playtime. He bought us drinks and talked to me for a while and finally asked for my number. I laughed and asked him why, he said he wanted to take me to dinner and rub my feet for an hour. I told him that it sounded nice but, my feet need to get paid to be massaged and if he wanted to have a full hour after dinner with my dominant feet he was going to have to give me $200 for the hour. Each soft sole looking at him in the face saying pay me now.
We had a great dinner, I was sliding my bare foot all over his cock under the table to really get deep into his head and take his foot fetish to a more obedient place. The more hard I got that cock the more cash my feet were going to take from him. We went back to my place and I made him a good foot slave for a couple hours and after his wallet was totally drained I made him leave.

You will always pay me and obey me.