Homewrecker Blackmail

Slave Aarons wife stopped having sex with him 6 months after their wedding. I told him before he got married that was going to happen. I knew she just wanted the ring and to get knocked up. So he only got laid when she thought there was the chance she was ovulating. He’s been calling over and over and I’ve got him in chastity now, he was a chronic masturbator. His masturbating needed to be put under control. Since his wife never even looks at his naked body I had him in a chastity belt at night when he was prone to masturbating. I gave him a few humiliation assignments and he wasn’t able to follow through. That lead to not being able to have his orgasm that he was scheduled to have. When you don’t do as Goddess Molly says then you learn that there will be no orgasm. I don’t give a fuck about your wife not fucking you anymore. I also don’t care that you have to masturbate 10 times a day. The only important thing is doing what I say before I fuck you over.

Cuckold In Chastity

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