Blackmail Phone Sex Femdom

Phone sex Friday is always an adventure. A new blackmail phone sex victim made the bold attempt to let me extract information from his mind. All my callers who want to play blackmail games know I love to play real and don’t like fake phone numbers. What fun is the fantasy if we can’t really play on the tight wire and see how close to the edge we get or until I push you over. You’ll feel safer calling me on Niteflirt for blackmail phone sex. You’ll at least have the illusion of feeling safer. Will you feel safe when I ask you questions about your life that you usually would never tell a total stranger?
Paul called me and after a week and 1/2 he was calling me every other day on Niteflirt. He gave me all false blackmail information as I knew he was. I could tell by the stupid names he was making up and the way he hesitated when I got him number. By day 11 of calling me on Niteflirt he knew I was going to block him unless he game me some real information. No one wants to be blocked by me so of course he gave me his home number and I called it a few times to make sure and it was 100% real. You should have heard his breath go to a manic rhythm when I said to listen for the phone to ring as his wife was making dinner. Where will this blackmail fantasy go? How far will I take this bitch who wants to be blackmailed just to get his dick off to his blackmail fetish.

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