Home Wrecker Femdom Ruin

You guys are such losers, you get married and take the vow you’re never going to cheat and be honest. You call me up like rejected sexless pigs and beg me to help you end it all. You try to make it so easy for me to just call your wife up and let her know I exist. What fun is that to me? It’s not really that fun to me, I like to ruin your relationship deep, hard and with a slow penetration watching it all crumble before me. You’ll be sending me your wedding ring or engagement ring in now time.
Do you want to be like Brad who’s masturbation addiction has gotten so out of control he’s been forced to do online gambling to fund his addiction to me. In one of his drunken boozy long nights he called me and gave me so much information and screen shots of things. I video taped him on webcam confessing his addictions and admitting to being forced to suck cock to make some quick cash. I was laughing so hard at his drunken stupid ass. It’s a matter of time that his wallet runs dry and I start to do little things to freak him out and give him the home wrecking that he’s been craving.

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