Obedient Slave Foot Worship

I love how tanned and sexy my bare feet get in the Summer. I think the tan mark where I wear my flip flops leave the mark between my toes is exceptionally sexy. I got together with a foot slave Justin that I had met at a bar with some friends. I had seen him staring at my toes while I was dangling my flip flop from my big toe as I sat at the barstool. He came over to talk to me and I knew from that moment I was going to have him paying me and obeying me.
He started off the conversation offering me a drink and I said “you mean all of us” there were 2 other girls with me. All of our toes exposed sitting up high looking really sexy in our tank tops with bikini tops under them from a long day of pool playtime. He bought us drinks and talked to me for a while and finally asked for my number. I laughed and asked him why, he said he wanted to take me to dinner and rub my feet for an hour. I told him that it sounded nice but, my feet need to get paid to be massaged and if he wanted to have a full hour after dinner with my dominant feet he was going to have to give me $200 for the hour. Each soft sole looking at him in the face saying pay me now.
We had a great dinner, I was sliding my bare foot all over his cock under the table to really get deep into his head and take his foot fetish to a more obedient place. The more hard I got that cock the more cash my feet were going to take from him. We went back to my place and I made him a good foot slave for a couple hours and after his wallet was totally drained I made him leave.

You will always pay me and obey me.