Sissy Fag Easter Parade

My Easter basket was nice and full from all these new online slaves I’m collecting. I got so many gift card’s that I’ve been sitting here all day doing online shopping that you obedient submissive have paid for. I spent the weekend at my family’s house and I told them all about Niteflirt when they asked what I was doing these day’s. They were all shocked that there are really men out there that will do some of the sick shit that they will do like fuck pillow and stick whatever thing I say into their ass’s just to obey My every word.
When I told them about my Niteflirt name Obey Molly everyone laughed and knew it was true, they all know what a dominant little bitch I’ve been my whole life. Everyone in My family even knows when I speak everyone listen’s and pays attention.
I left my lines on Easter night and let them hear some of my humiliating calls and I got really lucky having some Easter faggot call up and go on webcam with some pink dress on and some rabbit ears and this horrifying make up job. Cock sucking fags in bunny costumes they are too fat and ugly to be crammed in lingerie should just do themselves a favor and just suck dick daily. I got a handful of Easter faggots in lingerie calling me on Niteflirt. I could have made a sissy faggot Easter parade with the load of losers looking for phone sex on Easter. All that matters was My Easter basket was full of goodies and that’s all I care about. Fluffer nutters all obey which makes me a happy Molly

Hot Guy Small Penis

There’s not a lot worse things then taking a guy home and finding out he has a super small penis. I met an incredibly hot actor looking guy over the weekend. I was at a party over the weekend and this guy and I were flirting all day at a bbq. I knew I was going to take him home and fuck him by the end of the night. He listened to me take some humiliating phone sex calls and I noticed he was twitching in his jeans but, I didn’t see a hard cock. I he was squirming as I was telling the guy on the Niteflirt phone sex call what a little dick loser he was. I was laughing so hard at the little needle dick loser and showing off to my date for the night how much of a bitch I can be.
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