Sugar Tits $2.00 Tease

As if you couldn’t tell My tits are sweet, sweet like sugar and its time for some sugar tits pampering. I just sent out on Niteflirt a $2.00 tit tax each breast gets $1.00 for you being a pervert who stares at hot young girls tits. You will obey me now and go and pay your titty tax. See these are the fun things that you get to do for being such a pervert lurking around at bitchy phone sex girls who are ready to milk your cock and wallets nice and dry.
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Forced Intoxication Slave Tommy

Another steller weekend of humiliation phone sex on Niteflirt. Mr think’s he’s smarter then everyone else loser Tommy from Niteflirt called all weekend long super wasted and vulnerable. He kept carrying on about how smart he is and how he’s above most people, he must have gotten that from all the self help books he read. He was good and obedient obeying each time I told him to put his lips to his nasty bottle of 151.
Being new to Niteflirt and the phone sex world I had no idea how many small dick losers were out there who sat around getting wasted and loving to get used by dominant young glamour girls such as Myself. Now that I do know that expect extra hard abuse and cash draining. You will pay Me and obey me as I see fit.
My girlfriend Gigi got to listen in as some perverts spread their ass cheeks apart and begged me to fuck their sissy faggot asses with a dildo and of course I happily obliged the thought. I was hoping one of the losers would take a beer bottle and stuff it in his man pussy but he was too afraid so he shoved a long tapered candle up his ass instead. We laughed so hard there was margarita spraying from our lips.

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