Weekend Home Wrecking Phone Sex

My first weekend doing Phone sex on Niteflirt was pretty awesome. How could it not be when It’s Me doing what I do best. Making men pay Me and Obey me and thats exactly what Ben did. I gave him fair warning that I was not a novice in the world of home wrecking and artform that I was brilliant at. It all started in high school my Senior year when I fucked my Art History teacher and he gave me a D- and I was so pissed off. I fucked my teacher a few times and on one occasion he took some photos on my phone of me sucking his cock and you can see his hand on my shoulder with his signature wedding ring. What a stupid fucking moron right! So when I saw that I was about to practically fail and ruin my entire GPA I printed out that photo of me sucking him off with his hand in it and I left a little love note for him saying if he didn’t give me that A + and $1,000 for the annoyance that I was going to call his wife or better yet, go over to there house and hand deliver the letter. You get the idea I think where this is going, so little loser Ben got a nice dose of what I can do, in face I actually DID email his wife and it was so pathetic even SHE was begging Me to not destroy their marriage. Fuck both of them I told her she also had to start paying me or else go find herself a nice park bench to call home. I told her to get it right you pay Me and you Obey Me or you get blackmailed like a bitch. Leave me a comment and tell Me what you think about that!